Vulnerability Scanning and Exploitation

Automating with Chef

Introduction to WebSphere Cast Iron


Test Driven Development

Advanced Git


Hands-On Javascript

IBM Websphere Cast Iron

NSH Technology Roadmap Brainstorming

Dependency Injection & .NET Moq

IBM® intelligent business process management (BPM)

The Art of the Phase 1

Scrum 101

Business Process Management

UX/UI Design Trends and Best Practices

VS Code & Some TypeScript

UI Framework Frenzy

SSIS 101

TFS / Visual Studio Online


Intro to Git

Office Intros

Documentation standards

Intro to Docker

Intro to Node.js

Sous Vide Cooking

The Point of Documentation

Informatica Cloud AKA. Fisherprice Baby's First ETL

Design Patterns

Predators Sales Event - Hadoop

Power BI

Informatica Cloud Real-time, Redemption?

MVC Frameworks: Part I

Pitching CTS: Channeling Your Inner Nolan Ryan and Getting Your Point Across



Accounting is Boring

Accounting is Boring

Serverless Architecture

Presentations and the Art of Selling

ALD import process lessons learned

Intro to Machine Learning

PowerShell and APIs. Control the web from the cmd line.

Automation of Tracking Trajectories in a Crowded Situation

Automation of Tracking Trajectories in a Crowded Situation

Scrum Product Owner Essentials

CTS Interview Overview

Software Design Concepts

Optimistic Concurrency Control

Quantifying Leadership and Teamwork

Seriously, do you even Kanban?

Intro to Concurrency

Analytics with R

Intentional Gold Plating


Documentation is super fun

Project Estimations

Project Tracking

Interacting with QA

Backlog Grooming

How to Stack Tech

Selecting a UI Framework


The Art of Beginning Dev

Black DevOps Arts

SaaS, PaaS, etc

BI Best Practices

Even More UI Things

IOT or Why does my house get too cold in the winter when the internet is down?

Big Data Concepts and Use Cases

CGI/Nashville Q&A

aboos & ariedel on embedded systems

cpoulson on database analytics

Don't go chasing Waterfall